Shou Zen Japanese Cuisine is the newly opened restaurant under Confiserie Benji Limited. The revenue generated from Shou Zen Japanese Cuisine, La Parole French Restaurant and Leonidas Hong Kong Chocolate Shops, after deducting the necessary expenses, are contributed to Benji’s Centre to help children with speech and communication problems from low-income families and enable them to integrate into the community.

Confiserie Benji Limited, founded in 2002, was titled as a Social Enterprise by the Government of HKSAR. Benji’s Centre, found in 2004, is the first and only non-profit charitable organization providing specialized professional one-to-one speech therapy to children and teenagers with communication problems from low income families in Hong Kong.

Benji’s Centre is providing over 260 children with intensive individual therapies and has helped over 1,200 children since its establishment. 70% of children enjoy fee remission, the remaining 30% pay a fee equal to half

Shrimp Tempura
Oyster Cutlet
Trio Sashimi on Rice
Tuna with Spring Onion
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